Cabinet Touch-up Kit

We always include a touch-up kit with your order. Touch-up kits are useful for hiding nicks or scratches that can occur during cabinet assembly and installation. A touch-up kit is handy post-installation too, for covering minor scratches that could occur from everyday kitchen use.

Your touch-up kit has been specifically color matched to your cabinet's finish by Mohawk Finishing Products. Mohawk touch-up kits are formulated to repair most minor defects in the wood finish.

Follow directions below for proper application.

Furniture Touch-Up Markers

ULTRA® MARK MARKER: These markers contain a resin that will seal, stain and finish upon application. These markers are ideal for worn edges and scratch re-colorant. Shake well before using. Relieve pressure by depressing the nib while holding the pen in an upright position. To start flow, press pen and nib down until wet. Replace cap after each use.

PRO-MARK® MARKER: For scratches, stroke in direction of scratch. For worn areas, stroke in direction of wood grain. Apply the marker to the damaged area using light strokes, feather the colorant with your finger or a piece of cloth. Repeat the steps if necessary to achieve the desired results.

Touch-up Marker

Touch-up Marker

Ultra Mark Video
Mohawk Pro Mark® Markers

Fil-Stik® Putty Stick

Fil-Stiks are very easy to use. Simply rub vigorously into cracks or nail holes until filled. Remove excess material by rubbing with paper towel, dry cloth or plastic putty knife. The filled area may be left uncoated or coated with any solvent-based or water-based lacquer or varnish

Putty Fil-stik

Putty Fil-Stik

Mohawk Fil Stik® Putty Sticks