Hurricane Relief

Have you been impacted by recent Hurricanes and need help with kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities?

We are selling kitchen and bathroom cabinets at big discounts to people rebuilding their properties.

Why we want to help

Our founder was born and raised in the Caribbean and now resides in Florida; he has seen first-hand the impact and hardship Hurricanes have caused for many.

Terillian Cabinets has started this program to offer relief to Hurricane survivors trying to recover and rebuild their homes and properties.

Did you suffer damage in Hurricane Ian, Hurricane Nicole, Hurricane Fiona, Hurricane Dorian, Hurricane Michael, Hurricane Irma or Hurricane Maria?

If you've been impacted by a Hurricane and suffered kitchen or bathroom damage, you qualify for this program.

Hurricane Region

Note: You will need to submit photo evidence of your kitchen or bathroom damage sustained during the hurricane to qualify for hurricane relief pricing.

This program is intended to provide relief for homeowners and small businesses.

Contact us to get started.