RTA Flat Panel Cabinets

RTA means Ready To Assemble (unassembled cabinets). The 10x10 Kitchen price on each picture helps to compare the cost between cabinets.

Flat Panel cabinets are frameless cabinets. What's the difference between framed and frameless cabinets? Click here to learn more.

Various Colors

New colors coming soon

White Colors

New colors coming soon

Grey Colors

New colors coming soon

Cream Colors

New colors coming soon

Dark Colors

New colors coming soon

Our Process:

  • A cabinet expert will work with you to design your perfect kitchen to address your needs and fit your budget.
  • We provide renderings of your kitchen using 2020 Design. You will preview your future kitchen cabinets by seeing realistic renderings of the finished product before purchasing.
  • We provide 2020 Design measurements of the kitchen layout to confirm everything will fit upon arrival.
  • We provide an installation guide specific to your project.

RTA Flat Panel Cabinet Review:

  • Cabinet boxes are constructed from plywood. We do not sell press wood cabinets!
  • Cabinets can be purchased RTA (unassembled) or fully assembled (ready to install upon arrival).
  • RTA cabinets are ideal for saving on shipping cost.