Know before you Order

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Step 1: Countertop Shipping

We export fully fabricated granite, quartz, quartzite and marble countertops.

Full fabrication means we purchase large slabs of material and cut them into sections for your specific kitchen or bathroom project.

For undermount or farmsinks, we cut out the opening and polish the inner rim. We offer 6 different profiles for countertop edges. Seams are added if a section is too large to safely ship or handle. We provide color-matched epoxy to glue seams back together.

Shown below are the steps for custom fabricated countertops: full slab, fabricated sections, fully crated and delivered to Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville or Miami for overseas shipping.

Countertop Slab

Full Slab

Countertop Sections

After Fabrication

Countertop Crate

Crated for Shipping

Step 2: Unpacking and Installation

Please follow the unpacking instructions attached to the countertop crate. Countertop crates are large and extremely heavy; they require a lot of strong people to safely unpack.

We provide videos and a guide to help with countertop installation. Your installer will need to epoxy seams (if applicable), install the sink and bore the faucet hole.

Custom fabricated countertops save you time and money with your kitchen or bathroom countertop project.

Click the image with the YouTube button to watch video on how to bore a faucet hole.

Crate with Labels

Crate with Labels

Bore Faucet Hole

Example Video: Bore Faucet Hole